Shafinaz Sameen


Assistant Professor

Shafinaz Sameen earned her bachelor degree in Architecture in 2012 from Khulna University. Later she obtained a Master of Science degree in Disaster Management (MSDM) from University of Dhaka (2018). She received Fulbright scholarship in 2018 to pursue Master of Urban Planning at university of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA. She served as a research fellow at Housing and Building Research Institute from 2013-2015 during when she conducted extensive research on rural housing of disaster prone areas. She also actively participated voluntarily in a post-fire reconstruction of 500 houses in Karail and Sattola slum, in collaboration with BRAC in 2017. She conducted rigorous qualitative research involving women’s negotiation of risk and everyday space in flood prone areas (MSDM), and within the Rohingya refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar (MUP). Over the course of time she presented in a number of international conferences and attended different workshops on resilient and emergency shelters with national and Int. development agencies. Her research interests include global and urban displacements, urban informality, housing and community resilience, community participation- all under the single notion of Social Justice within the Global South and with a special emphasis on Gender. Currently she is studying the relationship of gender based violence and city’s space as well as space networks of pavement dwellers of Dhaka. Shafinaz wants to keep advocating for ‘planning from below’ through a search of ‘spaces’ and ‘voices’ of marginalization.


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Awards & Achievements

Best Thesis Award, 2021, Master of Urban Planning, DURP, UIUC

Michael A. Carroll Memorial Award, Outstanding performance in community development, DURP, UIUC; May, 2020

Fulbright Foreign Student Award, to pursue MUP at UIUC; 2018-2020

Delta Kappa Gamma World Fellowship Award, for Global women Educators, MUP at UIUC, 2018-2020

Post-Fire Reconstruction of Karail initiative shortlisted Among the 20 semi-finalists of Aga Khan Award from Bangladesh

Post Fire Reconstruction of Karail slum showcased in “Bengal Stream: The Vibrant architecture Scene of Bengal”, in Switzerland; 2017-2018

Rupa Merit Scholarship, Outstanding Academic performance, DoA, Khulna University, 2010