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Dr. Mohammad Raihanul Hasan

Assistant Professor & Proctor

Ph.D. Management Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, People’s Republic of China ; Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka

Mohammad Raihanul Hasan has been working as an Assistant professor in the Department of Business Studies at State University of Bangladesh (SUB) since 2008. He completed his Ph.D. from School of Management, majoring in Management Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, People’s Republic of China. He completed postgraduate and undergraduate from the Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2001 and 2000, respectively. During his teaching period, he published articles in different journals, including Review of International Business and Strategy, Library High Tech, and other
  1. Hasan M.R, Shiming D, Islam MA, Hossain MZ. "Operational efficiency effects of blockchain technology implementation in firms: evidence from China". Review of International Business and Strategy. R-30(2), (2020) p. 163-181(Scopus)
  2.  Hasan M.R, Deng S, Sultana N, Hossain MZ. "The applicability of blockchain technology in healthcare contexts to contain COVID-19 challenges". Library Hi Tech. R-39 (3), (2021), p. 814-833. (Scopus)
  3.  Hasan M. R., and N Islam "A Study on Patients' Satisfaction in Private Sector Hospitals of Bangladesh," Journal of State University of Bangladesh (SUB), R-03(1), (2012) p.101-113.
  4.  Sultana N, Akter M, Hasan M.R., "Strategic Tools: Training & Education for Mumpreneurship: A Study in the context of Bangladesh" Jahangirnagar University Journal of Marketing, R-1(5), (2017), p.23-38
  5.  Hossain M. Islam MA, Hasan M.R, "Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Bangladesh: Perception of Local Communities" Jahangirnagar University Journal of Management Research,R-3(1), (2021), p.23-38
  6.  Islam MA, Khan MA, Hasan M.R, "Financial development and foreign direct investment nexus: A systematic review of literature." International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science, R-10(4), (2021), p.226-38. (Scopus)
  7.  Rosid HO, Xuefeng Z, Hasan M.R, Sultanuzzaman R. "The Impact of GDP on Cross-Country Efficiency in Wealth Maximization: a Joint Analysis Through the Stochastic Frontier and Generalized Method of Moments." Advances in Management and Applied Economics. R-11(1), (2021), p.101-27. (Scopus)
  8.  Islam MA, Hasan M.R, Hossen MM "Macroeconomic Determinants of FDI: A Case Study of Bangladesh Journal of State University of Bangladesh (SUB) R-3(1), (2020),p.01-13,State University of Bangladesh
  9.  Hossain MZ, Tasnim M, Hasan M.R. "Is Quality Ensuring to Get Competitive Advantages in Auto Manufacturing Industries? A Study of Volvo Group". American Journal of Industrial and Business Management. R-7(1), (2017), p.48-68. (Scopus)
  10.  Hossain MZ, Enam F, Hasan M.R. "The Role of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Organizational Excellence: The Case of Grameen Bank". Open Journal of Business and Management. R-5(01): (2017) p.119-132. (Scopus)
  1. Received 'Best faculty of the year' from State University of Bangladesh in 2013
  2. Entitled Bangladesh-China Bilateral Chinese Scholarship Council (CSE) fund pursuing Ph.D.
  3. Received honorarium from Huazhong University of Science and technology due to publishing manuscript in Web of Science indexed journal


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