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Umma Nusrat Urme

Assistant Professor & Coordinator, (BBA Program)

BBA & MBA from University of Dhaka

Umma Nusrat Urme, work as an Assistant Professor & BBA Program Coordinator in the Department of Business Studies. She has completed BBA major in Management & MBA major in Human Resource Management (HRM) from Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka. She has been serving at State University of Bangladesh for more than four years. She has research interest in Human Resource Management, especially in Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).
โ€ข Umma Nusrat Urme and Sayaka Zaman (2019); Impact of Work Flexibility, Salary, Reward, and Incentive as Retention Strategies Depending on Faculty Gender and Position in the Private Universities of Bangladesh-European Journal of Business Management,11(32), 60-66
โ€ข Dr. Bikash Barua, Sayaka Zaman, Umma Nusrat Urme (2020); Effect of Total Quality Management on Organizational Performance: Mediating Role of Knowledge Creation Process - Palarch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology 18(7). ISSN 1567-214x
โ€ข Muhammed Zakir Hossain and Umma Nusrat Urme (2022); Impact of Incentive Programs on Organizational Growth: A Case Study. ABC Research Alert, 10(1), 17-30
โ€ข Dr. Bikash Barua, Umma Nusrat Rome; Assessing the Online Teaching Readiness of Faculty Member (To be published)
โ€ข Muhammed Zakir Hossain and Umma Nusrat Urme; Significance of Corporate Governance in Banking Sector (In progress)
โ€ข Dhaka University Merit Scholarship on BBA result, 2018.
โ€ข Dhaka University Alumni Association (DUAA) Scholarship, 2014.
โ€ข Govt. Scholarship in H.S.C (General grade: 2012-2015).


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