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Abdur Razzak Sohel


BSS (Hons.), MSS in Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Dhaka

Abdur Razzak Sohel is a lecturer at the Department of Journalism, Communication and Media Studies, State University of Bangladesh. Before starting his journey as an academic, he served for several leading media organizations of Bangladesh namely Daily Janakantha, Bangladesh Post, RTV and The Business Post. Mr. Sohel obtained his graduation (BSS) and post-graduation (MSS) from the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Dhaka.
FROM FOOD WASTE TO ZERO WASTE: Leftovers no longer left out, find commercial footing, The Business Post, 29 January 2022. Available at Fish waste: From rubbish to valuable raw materials, The Business Post, 30 September 2021. Available at Contraceptive market: Private sector grabbing as govt efforts fizzle out, The Business Post, 17 November 2021. Available at Local fast food brands gain upper hand over foreign peers, The Business Post, 03 February 2022. Available at Sporting goods business thrive despite shrinking playgrounds, The Business Post, 16 November 2021. Available at WATER HYACINTH: Once a weed, now a new source of forex, The Business Post, 09 August 2021. Available at Natural beauty care products witness ‘silent revolution’, The Business Post, 02 March 2022. Available at Period product makers thrive on hygiene sense, The Business Post, 27 August 2021. Available at Graduates leaning to business increasingly, The Business Post, 22 August 2022. Available at Story Telling: STAR CINEPLEX: Reshaping Bangladesh’s cinema hall culture by leaps and bounds, The Business Post, 05 February 2023. Available at Deshi Dosh: Embodying local fashion industry collectively, The Business Post, 08 January 2023. Available at JR ENTERPRISE: An eco-friendly e-waste recycling solution, The Business Post, 28 October 2022. Available at Khaas Food: Winning people over, revolutionizing the safe food industry, The Business Post, 20 November 2022. Available at NORTH END COFFEE ROASTERS: Energising coffee culture in Bangladesh, The Business Post, 26 January 2022. Joint publication with Mr Shamim Ahmed. Available at Setting the trend, uplifting service industry, The Business Post, 12 January 2022. Joint publication with Mr Shamim Ahmed. Available at Interviews: Accuracy of financial statements key to boosting economy with Md Shahadat Hossain, president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB), The Business Post, 23 January 2022. Available at ‘Small, cottage industry needs fresh stimulus package in budget’ with Mirza Nurul Ghani Shovon, the president of National Association of Small and Cottage Industries of Bangladesh (NASCIB). The Business Post, 25 May 2022. Available at Organic farming a must for health and commerce with Bangladesh Organic Products Manufacturers’ Association president Md Abdus Salam. The Business Post, 12 February 2022. Available at Govt deprived of huge taxes as many companies remain out of auditing with Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) president Md. Moniruzzaman. The Business Post, 16 January 2023. Available at Implementation of laws key to flourishing business with Moulvi Bazar Baboshayee Samity President Sayed Md Bashir Uddin. The Business Post, 26 August 2022. Available at


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