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Md. Solaiman Hossain


M. Pharm, B. Pharm (DU)

Md. Solaiman Hossain is currently working as a Lecturer at the Department of Pharmacy, State University of Bangladesh (SUB). “When one teaches, two learn”– is a very popular quote and this type of thinking motivates Solaiman to become a teacher from his student life. He completed his Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy (Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology) Degrees from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh He is a former lecturer of Atish Dipankar University of science & Technology and Bangladesh University. He is very much passionate about research work. He completed her project work on ‘G-Protein Coupled Receptor’ and he achieved the National Science and Technology (NST) fellowship from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for his Master’s thesis work entitled “Synthesis, pharmacological evaluation and in silico analysis of some new derivatives of α-D-Ribofuranose”. He has also completed hospital training at Dhaka Medical College and Hospital for six months and industrial training at Renata Pharmaceutical Limited. He is also working on many other research paper and those are under inspection for publishing. He has been engaged in sports management and voluntary activities. During this period, he successfully performed several activities for instance, member of academic exam committee, event management committee, Research and Development committee and many more. Although like any other professions, teaching is also a challenging profession, but he enjoys it and try to solve any challenge with great care, dedication and hard work.


*** Admission going on for Fall 2024 *** LLB Admission form submission last date: June 27, 2024 *** LLB Admission test date: June 29, 2024. *** Congratulations! to all the newly enrolled advocates from the State University of Bangladesh ***
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