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Ali Ahsan

Professor and Head

M.Com, Rajshahi University ; MSc, Lancaster University, UK

Prof. Ali Ahsan is currently the Head of the Department of Business Studies and Dean of the Faculty of Social and Business Studies. Prior to joining State University he was the Chairman of the Department of Management, Dhaka University. He has more than 44 years of teaching experience in both public and private universities. Prof. Ahsan has duel masters degree - M.Com from Rajshahi University and MSc from Lancaster University, UK. He is a Commonwealth Scholar. He received teaching related trainings from BUET, BMDC, and IBA. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional. He has done consultancy in many projects funded by ADB, World Bank, OECF, JAICA, CARE Bangladesh, BGMEA, Delft University of Technology, Rotary International and REHAB. He was further involved in training programs of BOL (Linde, Bd), and BAT. He has supervised successfully a number of PhD and MPhil students. He also acted as expert in evaluation of PhD thesis of students of Kolkata University, Andarpradish University, Rajshahi University and Chittagong University. He has written many articles, conducted research on education and written a book for the Open University of Bangladesh. Further, he was member of the editorial board of Journal of Management and Journal of Business Studies. Before joining the teaching profession, he worked for Bangladesh Consultant Limited and Eastern Progressive Shoe Company. His major strengths are in Management Science, Statistical Analysis and Data Based Management. The computer languages commonly used are Visual Basic, C++. In addition, he worked with Oracle, Dbase, Access, and SPSS.

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• An Alternative Implementation of Naïve Gauss-Jordan Elimination with Reduced Number of Floating Point Operations, Journal of Management, Vol 8-11, Nos. 1 & 2, Jan-Dec 2016-2017, Co-author Noman H Chowdhury.
• Scholarship for HSC, Dhaka Board • Scholarship for B.Com, Rajshahi University • Recognition of the GoB for M.Com result • Commonwealth Scholarship • Supervised PhD and MPhil students sucessfully • Presented papers and moderated many seminars


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