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Muntasir Hasan Kanchan

Assistant Professor

M. Sc. in CSE, Jahangirnagar University,B. Sc. in (CSE) University of Dhaka

Mr. Muntasir Hasan Kanchan is serving as an Assistant Professor and Co-Ordinator in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, State University of Bangladesh. He has been working in the department since 2016. He joined the department as a lecturer. Now he is continuing his second Master’s in Applied Statistics & Data Science at Jahangirnagar University from April 2023. He finished his Master’s degree in 2020 from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jahangirnagar University. He obtained his BSc. Honors in 2015 from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Dhaka. He secured GPA 5 in both SSC and HSC in 2007 and 2009. In his Master’s thesis he worked on different Machine Learning techniques with LIME- A Human Explainable AI. He did his bachelor thesis project on E-Commerce Based Website (Online Shopping). His research interests are Bioinformatics, Artificial Neural Network, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics. He teaches Data Science, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Microprocessor and Microcontroller, Computer Graphics, Computer Interfacing and Peripherals, Computer Application and Networking, Data Structure, Parallel Processing and Distributed System, etc.

1. Muntasir Hasan Kanchan, “Design of an E-Commerce Website for Online Shopping”, Journal of SUB, Vol. 11, Issue 1 & 2, ISSN 19983778 (July, 2021).

2. Muntasir Hasan Kanchan and Muhammad Masud Tarek, " A Comparative Analysis of Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Different Machine Learning Techniques with LIME- A Human Explainable AI", World Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (WJERT), Vol. 8, Issue 5, 155-169, (April 2022).

3. Muntasir Hasan Kanchan and Trina Saha, “Design of CSE Courses at the Universities in Relation to Real Life Applications”, Journal of SUB, Vol. 12, Issue 1 & 2, ISSN 19983778 (August, 2023).


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