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Touhida Easmin

Assistant Professor & Acting Head

MA in English Literature (JU)

Touhida Easmin is an Assistant Professor of English at the State University of Bangladesh. She has a strong passion for teaching and has dedicated her career to inspiring students and fostering a profound appreciation for literature. Her academic journey began with a graduate degree from the Department of English at Jahangirnagar University, followed by an MA in English Literature from the same institution. Throughout her teaching career, Touhida has focused on literature courses, aiming to instill an aesthetic sense of literature in her students and shape a thoughtful future generation. Her areas of expertise encompass a diverse range, including Bengali Literature, specifically folk literature, postcolonial literature, gender studies, and culture and media studies. Touhida's commitment to scholarly research is evident in her accomplishments, having published articles in recognized journals and actively participated in various conferences at home and abroad. Notably, she has presented papers at three international conferences, showcasing her expertise and passion for her field.

1.   “Shifting Higher Education to E-education: A Study on the Sudden Intrusion of E-learning in the Ecology of Language in the Context of EFL/ESL in Private Universities in Bangladesh" accepted for publication as a book chapter in the book “Online Teaching & Learning in Second Language Learning” to be published by Universiti Sains Malaysia.

2.   “Computer-Mediated Assessment in English Language Teaching and Learning at Tertiary Level: A Reflection into its Effectiveness”, published in “Fortell”, Issue 45, July 2022.

3.   Presented a paper titled “Sultana’s Dream and the Vision of Sustainable Energy: An Ecofeminist Perspective” at the international conference “Ruptures and Resilience: English Studies in the Now” held in Dhaka on 4-5 November 2022, organized by North South University.

4.   ‘Sub/mission to the Reality: Shadow of Prufrock’s Dual Self in Ambiguous Frost’s “Stopping by the Woods on A Snowy Evening”, published in The SUB Journal of Business and Social Studies, March 2021

5.   ‘Individual Will versus Authority: Faustus and Satan’, published in Expressions - Journal of Dept. of English, Asian University of Bangladesh, May 2014)


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