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Sazzad Alam

Assistant Professor & Coordinator

LL M (Macquarie University, Australia), MSS In Criminology (DU), LL.B. (Hon's.) BRAC University

Sazzad Alam is a legal scholar and educator, currently serving as an Assistant Professor of Law at the State University of Bangladesh. With a distinguished academic and professional background, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the university's faculty. Mr. Alam's journey in academia began at the University of Development Alternative, where he honed his expertise over 2 years and 7 months. He then expanded his horizons by joining the State University of Bangladesh in February 2021, where he continues to make significant contributions to legal education. He holds a diverse educational background, having completed his graduation at BRAC University, earned an MSS in Criminology from the University of Dhaka, and obtained an LLM degree from Macquarie University in Australia, where he was honored with the Vice Chancellor's International Scholarship in recognition of his academic excellence. Mr. Alam is also an Advocate enlisted with the Bangladesh Bar Council and practices criminal law. His commitment to advancing legal scholarship is evident through his publications, with two notable works featured in SCOPUS indexed journals, in addition to numerous articles in newspapers and magazines. ,Mr. Alam is known for his engaging teaching style and is responsible for instructing a range of courses, including Law of Specific Relief, Law of Limitations, Law of Partnership, Law of Equity and Trust, and Law of Tort. As a dedicated member of the State University of Bangladesh's faculty, Sazzad Alam is committed to fostering academic excellence and empowering the next generation of legal minds.

Peer Reviewed and SCOPUS indexed Journal:
“Sustainable development and Environmental protection in Bangladesh: Challenges and Opportunities." BiLD Law Journal Issue II, Volume III (Page 37-52) ISSN-2518-6523
“Genetically Modified (GM) Crops and Legal Protections: Bangladesh in Context” BiLD Law Journal Issue II, Volume IV (Page 62-74) ISSN-2518-6523

Law Magazine and Newspaper:
Environmental Protection Law and Sustainable Development in Bangladesh: “The Brick Manufacturing and Brick Kilns Establishment (Control) Act 2013”. BiLD- Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development, Issue- II. Volume- I
“Precautionary principle: Is it a part of the Customary International Law” BiLd Law Magazine Issue III, Volume 1
Principle 2 of The Rio Declaration: Why is it deemed as the fundamental base of the Declaration? BiLd Law Magazine Issue IV, Volume 1
Is the 5G Mobile Network dangerous to Human health and Animal Life? What can the Bangladesh Government do to Protect Public Health? BiLd Law Magazine Issue I, Volume 2
“Practicality and rationale behind Section 13 of the Nari O Shishu Nirjaton Daman Bishes Bidhan Ain, 2000”

Academic Research Works:
“Juvenile Justice System: Constraints in age determination process”
Impacts of GM crops on the economy and environment of the developing countries.
Impact of Climate Change on Indigenous Australians: Assessing indigenous Land Policy for addressing the impact of Climate change on Australian Indigenous people.
“Assessing the relative strengths and weakness of the proposition that the precautionary principle is part of the customary International Law”
Climate Change effect in developing countries: Legal Framework to Protect the Environment.


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