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Md. Jamal Hossain

Assistant Professor & Assistant Proctor (SUB)

M. Pharm. (DU)

My name's Md. Jamal Hossain, and currently, I'm working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacy, State University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Parallelly, I am holding the post of Assistant Proctor of the university. I have completed my M. Pharm with thesis (session: 2017-2018) from the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Dhaka, and B. Pharm (5 years professional; session: 2012-2013) from the Department of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Before becoming a faculty member at SUB, he gained experience as a research associate at various laboratories and institutions of Dhaka University. My current research endeavors primarily revolve around diverse aspects of pharmacology and drug discovery & development. I am primarily focused on investigating various areas, including the chemical and biological analysis of natural compounds derived from natural sources through in vitro, in vivo, and in-silico approaches. Besides, I have been working on drug-drug interaction (synergistic and antagonistic effects), drug-biomolecular interactions, and organometallic chemistry since my M. Pharm. thesis program. Furthermore, I'm keen on contributing to Public Health and Pharmacy Practice research, particularly in areas such as antimicrobial resistance and rational use of drugs. Apart from this, I am deeply interested in organic medicinal synthesis and evaluating potential biological activities to quest for new therapeutic possibilities. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I was involved in various endeavors related to COVID-19 research. These included working on developing medications using lipids to combat COVID-19, repurposing existing drugs to fight SARS-CoV-2 infection, and conducting studies through questionnaires to tackle public health issues. Till August 2023, I have contributed to and authored over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications with high-impact factors. Additionally, I have contributed to many journals as associate editor, peer reviewer, and review editor to enhance the publication and journal quality. My other important phantasy is to write editorial columns/letters in national or international Journals/Newspapers on contemporary scientific issues. I am an editor of Pharma Tribune and an admin of Pharma Tribune Facebook page. Moreover, I am the initiator and principal instructor of a short course on “Molecular Docking: Basic to Advanced Applications” run by the Department of Pharmacy, SUB. At this stage, I wish to see myself as a Ph.D. candidate in any renowned research institution or lab regarding my enthusiastic topics under a motivated professor's supervision.

List of Publications (Total = 100)

Note: Asterisk (*) sign means corresponding authorship. (h-index = 22; i-10 index = 44; Updated on August 2023) 

1.      Hossain MJ*, Jabin N, Ahmmed F, Sultana A, Abdur Rahman SM, Islam MR. Irrational use of antibiotics and factors associated with antibiotic resistance: Findings from a cross‐sectional study in Bangladesh. Health Science Reports. 2023 Aug;6(8): e1465. (Impact Factor = 2.0; Q2)

2.      Sarkar SM, Dhar BK, Fahlevi M, Ahmed S, Hossain MJ, Rahman MM, Gazi MA, Rajamani R. Climate Change and Aging Health in Developing Countries. Global Challenges. 2023:2200246. (Impact Factor = 4.9; Q1)

3.      Al‐Mamun M, Alam M, Hossain MJ*, Khatun MR, Das PK, Alam F, Islam MR, Ahmed F, Islam MM. Child drowning and associated risk factors: Findings from a qualitative study in Bangladesh. Health science reports. 2023 Jul;6(7): e1380. (Impact Factor = 2.0; Q2)

4.      Ahmed I, Salsabil L, Hossain MJ, Shahriar M, Bhuiyan MA, Islam MR. The recent outbreaks of Marburg virus disease in African countries are indicating potential threat to the global public health: Future prediction from historical data. Health Science Reports. 2023 Jul;6(7): e1395. (Impact Factor = 2.0; Q2)

5.      Amee KN, Islam Z, Sumi FJ, Mondol MI, Soma MA, Harun-Or-Rashid M, Shahid MI, Kawsar MH, Hossain MJ, Hasan R, Sarker MM. Phytochemical Profiling and Evaluation for Anti-oxidant, Thrombolytic, and Antimicrobial Activities of Moringa oleifera Lam Leaves Extracts. Biomedical & Pharmacology Journal. 2023 Jun;16(2):1027-36. (Scopus Indexed; Q3)

6.      Ali MK, Javaid S, Afzal H, Zafar I, Fayyaz K, Ain Q, Rather MA, Hossain MJ, Rashid S, Khan KA, Sharma R. Exploring the multifunctional roles of quantum dots for unlocking the future of biology and medicine. Environmental Research. 2023 Jun 7:116290. (Impact Factor = 8.3; Q1)

7.      Jamil S, Hossain MJ*, Alam M, et al. Prevalence of fried food consumption in Ramadan (Arabian) month and factors associated with health status among university students in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study. Health Science Reports 2023; [ID: HSR-2023-06-0909.R1] (Impact Factor = 2.0; Q2)

8.      Sarker R, Roknuzzaman AS, Hossain MJ, Islam MR. Benefits and probable ill effects of WHO’s declaration of end of COVID-19 pandemic: a way back to pandemic-free normal life. Annals of Medicine and Surgery. 2023 Jun;85(6):3199. (Impact Factor = 1.7; Q3)

9.      Sarker R, Roknuzzaman AS, Hossain MJ, Bhuiyan MA, Islam MR. The WHO declares COVID-19 is no longer a public health emergency of international concern: Benefits, challenges, and necessary precautions to come back to normal life. International Journal of Surgery (London, England). 2023 May 25. (Impact Factor = 13.5; Q1)

10.  Khan MR, Hossain MJ, Islam MA, Zaman SU, Islam MT, Haque MA, Islam MR, Ripa FA, Islam MM, Ahmmed F. Did knowledge, attitudes, and practices matter during the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh? Results from a web-based cross-sectional study. medRxiv. 2023:2023-05.

11.  Akash S, Hossain A, Mukerjee N, Sarker MM, Khan MF, Hossain MJ, Rashid MA, Kumer A, Ghosh A, León-Figueroa DA, Barboza JJ. Modified coptisine derivatives as an inhibitor against pathogenic Rhizomucor miehei, Mycolicibacterium smegmatis (Black Fungus), Monkeypox, and Marburg virus by molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation-based drug design approach. Frontiers in Pharmacology. 2023;14. (Impact Factor = 5.9; Q1)

12.  Suresh H, Jamil S, Padhi BK, Hossain MJ. Thalassemia prevention: Religious and cultural barriers to premarital screening in Bangladesh. Health Science Reports. 2023 Apr;6(4).

13.  Hossain MJ, Al-Mamun M, Alam M, Islam MR. Upsurge of unnecessary caesarian section (CS) delivery in Bangladesh: A call for urgent attention. Ethics, Medicine and Public Health. 2023 Apr 1;27:100885.

14.  Sarker R, Roknuzzaman, A. S. M., Nazmunnahar2Shahriar M, Hossain MJIslam MR. The WHO has declared the end of pandemic phase of COVID-19: Ways to come back to pre-COVID-19 normal life. Health Science Reports. DOI: 10.1002/hsr2.1544 ] (Impact Factor = 2.0; Q2)

15.  Haque MA, Tanbir M, Ahamed B, Hossain MJ, Roy A, Shahriar M, Bhuiyan MA, Islam MR. Comparative Performance Evaluation of Personal Protective Measures and Antiviral Agents Against SARS-CoV-2 Variants: A Narrative Review. Clinical Pathology. 2023 Mar;16:2632010X231161222.

16.  Roy A, Kunwar S, Bhusal U, Alghamdi S, Almehmadi M, Alhuthali HM, Allahyani M, Hossain MJ, Hasan MA, Sarker MM, Azlina MF. Bio-Fabrication of Trimetallic Nanoparticles and Their Applications. Catalysts. 2023 Feb 1;13(2):321. (Impact Factor = 4.5; Q2)

17.  Jamil S, Bari QI, Akhter A, Hasan M, Mukul ME, Rashid PT, Hossain MJ. Self-medication Practice and its Potential Determinants among Riverine-Island’s People in Sirajganj, Bangladesh: A Cross-Sectional Study. Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Journal. 2023 Jan 31;26(1):79-88.

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19.  Ghosh B, Rahman MM, Saha T, Hossain MJ, Alam S, Al-Aman DA, Kayser MS, Islam MS, Islam MK, Singh A, Ahmed T. Drinking Water Sources along the Banks of Buriganga River of Bangladesh are Polluted and Possess Serious Health Risks: A Comprehensive In Vivo Analysis. Journal of Environmental and Public Health. 2023 Jan 11;2023. (Impact Factor = 2.77; Q2)

20.  Aktar F, Hossain MJ, Sultan MZ, Rashid MA. Iron (II) and Zinc (II) complexes of gemifloxacin mesylate: synthesis, characterization, serum binding profiling, and evaluation of antimicrobial activity. Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences. 2022 Dec 31;46(2):203-11.

21.  Sarwar S, Hossain MJ*, Irfan NM, Ahsan T, Arefin MS, Rahman A, Alsubaie A, Alharthi B, Khandaker MU, Bradley DA, Emran TB. Renoprotection of selected antioxidant-rich foods (water spinach and red grape) and probiotics in gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity and oxidative stress in rats. Life. 2022; 12(1): 60. (Impact Factor = 3.24; Q2)

22.  Hossain MJ*, Ahmmed F, Khan MR, Rashid PT, Hossain S, Rafi MO, Islam MR, Mitra S, Emran TB, Islam F, Alam M, Sarker MMR*, Mohamed IN. Impact of prolonged covid-19 lockdown on body mass index, eating habits, and physical activity of university students in Bangladesh: a web-based cross-sectional study. Frontiers in Nutrition. 2022; 9. (Impact Factor = 6.59; Q1)

23.  Hossain MJ, Rabaan AA, Mutair AA, Alhumaid S, Emran TB, Saikumar G, Mitra S, Dhama K. Strategies to tackle SARS-CoV-2 Mu, a newly classified variant of interest likely to resist currently available COVID-19 vaccines. Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics. 2022; 18(1): 2027197. (Impact Factor = 4.52; Q1)

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25.  Sohan M, Hossain MJ, Islam MR. The SARS‐CoV‐2 Omicron (B. 1.1. 529) variant and effectiveness of existing vaccines: what we know so far. Journal of Medical Virology. 2022; 94(5): 1796. (Impact Factor = 20.69; Q1)

26.  Hossain MJ*, Al-Mamun M, Alam M, Khatun MR, Sarker MMR, Islam MR. Child drownings in Bangladesh: need for action. BMJ Paediatrics Open. 2022; 6(1): e001464. (Impact Factor = 2.92; Q1)

27.  Jannat T, Hossain MJ*, El-Shehawi AM, Kuddus MR, Rashid MA, Albogami S, Jafri I, El-Shazly M, Haque MR. Chemical and pharmacological profiling of Wrightia coccinea (roxb. Ex hornem.) sims focusing antioxidant, cytotoxic, antidiarrheal, hypoglycemic, and analgesic properties. Molecules. 2022; 27(13): 4024. (Impact Factor = 4.97; Q1)

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29.  Ripa FA, Hossain MJ*, Nesa ML, Zahan MS, Mitra S, Rashid MA, Roy A, Alghamdi S, Almehmadi M, Abdulaziz O. Phytochemical and pharmacological profiling of Heritiera fomes buch. ham. deciphered thrombolytic, antiarthritic, anthelmintic, and insecticidal potentialities via in vitro approach. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2022 Jul 18;2022. (Impact Factor = 2.62; Q2)

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  • Awarded with NST Fellowship, 2019-20 from Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh.
  • Best Poster Award (1st Prize among SUB Participants) at the International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences held on May 11-12, 2023, at the permanent campus of the State University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 
  • Listed in top contributor list in Scopus Database 2022 of Bangladeshi scientist. 


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