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S. M. Neamul Kabir Zihad


M.Pharm (KU)

S. M. Neamul Kabir Zihad works as a Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacy, State University of Bangladesh. He has obtained his B.Pharm. and M.Pharm. degree from Pharmacy Discipline, Khulna University. He has worked in different research projects involving pharmacological activities of traditional medicinal plants, chemical characterization of crude extracts, nutritional and functional properties of food supplements, and bioactivity of endophytes. He has published and presented his works in several national and international journals and conferences.
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  1. Became champion of Pharma Olympiad held in Pharma Fest'2016 at North South University, Bangladesh.
  2. Selected for meritorious scholarship by University Grant Commission in Undergraduate level in the year 2017.
  3. University merit scholarships by Khulna University in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015.


***LL.B. Admission Written Test Result Published for Spring-2024 Semester *** ***Admission going on for Spring 2024*** ***Congratulations! to all the newly enrolled advocates from State University of Bangladesh*** ***Career Opportunity:***
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