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Farjahan Nur


M. Pharm. (DU)

Ms. Farjahan Nur is currently working as a Lecturer of Department of Pharmacy, State University of Bangladesh (SUB). She has obtained her B. Pharm. (Hons.) and M. Pharm. degrees from the Department of Pharmacy and Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Dhaka, respectively. She has experience in teaching at ASA University Bangladesh for more than eight years. She has multiple trainings in research methodology, developing outcome based curriculum, Governance and Institutional Standard Development etc. So far, she has published several research papers in different international and national journals. Her research interest includes pharmaceutical microbiology focused on isolation and characterization of yeast species and their susceptibility towards antifungal agents. She is supervising several project and thesis work of B.Pharm and M.Pharm students. 
  1. Islam, M., Hossain M. J, Zahan, S., Nur, F., Al-Mansur M. A., and Rashid M. A. (2023). Stixis suaveolens (Roxb.) Fruit Extract Deciphered Antidepressant and Antidiarrheal Effects via In vivo Approach. Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Journal, 26(1): 28-35.
  2. Begum, K., Shahid, M. S., Ferdoush, S., and Nur, F. (2020).Phenotypic Identification and Antifungal Susceptibility of Two Rhodotorula Species Isolated from Dandruff Samples. Dhaka University Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 19(2): 185-190.
  3. Begum, K., Nur, F., and Shahid, M. S. (2019). Isolation and Characterization of Malasezzia Species from Dandruff Samples and Determination of its Sensitivity Towards Antifungal Agents. Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Journal, 22(2): 146-152.
  4. Irin, T., Nur, F., and Begum, K. (2018). Health Benefits of Probiotics from Fermented Foods in Bangladesh. ASA University Review, Vol. 12(2): 99-109.
  5. Nur, F., Libra, U. K., Rowsan, P., Azad, M. A. K., and Begum, K. (2018). Assessment of Bacterial Contamination of Dried Herbs and Spices Collected from Street Markets in Dhaka. Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Journal, 21(2): 96-100.
  6. Hamiduzzaman, M., Nur, F., and Bhuiyan, M. I. (2017). Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity through Assaying the Stability of Erythrocytes’ Membrane by Different Organic Extracts of Heliotropium Indicum (Boraginacea). Journal of Natural Product and Plant Resources, 7(2), 74-78.
  7. Nur, F., Rahman, A., Sultan, M. Z., Uddin, M. G., Rashid, M. A., Hassan, A., and Ahmed, M. Development and Validation of a RP-HPLC Method for Simultaneous Determination of Levofloxacin  and Moxifloxacin in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms. Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 9, 633-638.


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