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Md. Bappy Hawlader


M. Pharm. (DU)

Mr. Md. Bappy Hawlader currently holds the position of Lecturer at the Department of Pharmacy, State University of Bangladesh. He has completed his Bachelor of Professional Pharmacy degree and Master of Pharmacy from the University of Dhaka. He conducted project work in the final year of the B. Pharm. course entitled “A review on the formation of acrylamide in foods, its toxicity in the human body and preventive and mitigation strategies.”He also conducted his M. Pharm. thesis work entitled “An Investigation on the Prescribing Patterns and Prescription Errors during Covid-19 Pandemic at Outpatient Settings of Some Hospitals in Dhaka, Bangladesh”.” He received the National Science and Technology (NST) fellowship, 2020-21, from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for his recent research work. His current research work was focused on “Formulation and Characterization of Captopril Tablets Using Different Polymers and Comparing their Efficiencies as Gastroretentive Floating Drug Delivery System.” In addition of his entrancing academics, he received industrial training from Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and a hospital training of six months from Dhaka Medical College and Hospital. His core research interest is to innovative formulations, new technologies, and novel methodologies for developing Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS).


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