Department of Law


Department of Law belongs to School of Business and Social Sciences, State University Bangladesh. The department was established in spring, 2009 to address the need of developing high quality professionals who are committed to the pursuit of excellence, and are endowed with vision, courage, dedication, and exceptional academic standard for making a significant contribution towards the betterment of Bangladesh.

All core faculties consist of law graduates from the Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka and other public universities having excellent scholastic performances in their respective fields. Most of the faculties have foreign degrees from top universities of the world with research and advocacy experiences. The department has also secured scholastic service of a large pool of adjunct faculties from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh Judicial Service and reputed Law Chambers. Reputed law expert Dr. Asif Nazrul, Professor of Law, University of Dhaka supports and supervises the Department as advisor and teacher.

All the programs of the Department are fully approved by University Grants Commission and Bachelor of Laws, LL.B. (Hon’s) program complies with all the requirements of the Bangladesh Bar Council. Graduates from the department are now pursuing careers as lawyers, corporate legal officers, development workers and government services.

The department is located at first floor, House 77, intersection of road 27 at Satmoasjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. All class rooms are equipped with multi-media facilities and internet access. The University is covered by Wi-Fi and CCTV network all day.



  1. 95% Success rate at the last Bar Council Enrollment Examination.
  2. Finalist at the 12th National Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition.
  3. Finalist at the NILS Bangladesh National Legal Debate Championship.


Seminar Library

Department of Law at SUB, has its own seminar library enriched with top class national and international academic books and journals. One of its greatest priorities is to enhance the academic excellence of students, to improve their research skills and to foster their information based critical thinking. These facilities are available in addition to the Central Library of the University.

Financial aids and Awards

Merit and need based scholarships are awarded among the students according to the rules of the university. Up to 100% tuition Fee waiver are available. Waiver includes Merit based Waiver, Group Waiver, Reference Waiver, Female Waiver, Freedom Fighters Waiver, Sibling Waiver etc. In addition, the Department of Law awards three merit scholarships for each batch. Dean awards and Presidential awards are also given to the outstanding graduates.


Academic Programs

  1. Information of Bachelor of Laws, LL.B. (Hon’s) program

The LL.B. (Hon’s) course offered by the Department of Law of the State University of Bangladesh aims at producing law graduates of top standards. They are expected to serve the nation by contributing to a host of legal professions particularly in judicial, legal and administrative services, financial and commercial institutions, research and policy-making areas, and public and international organizations. Department reviews its modules on a regular basis, in order to continue to offer innovative, up to date and exciting program.

The Law Department is committed to arranging need-based special training course for its students. The aim is to prepare the SUB law graduates adequately for various competitive examinations including those conducted by the Bar Council and Judicial Service Commission.

In addition, the Department would arrange for its graduates at least three placements every year at reputed Law Chambers or Human Rights Organizations.

Co-Curricular Activities:

In addition to the above curriculum, the department runs a host of co-curricular activities on constitutional, legal and judicial issues. These include seminar, special lecture, moot court, law debate and observation of significant days. Eminent jurists, professionals, academicians, and human rights activists have participated in those programs. The department also undertakes study visit and court room observation program for students.

Program Summary

Course Duration 12 semesters (48 months)
Semester duration 16 weeks
Normal course load per semester 9-12 Credits
Number of semesters in a year 3 (Spring, Summer and Fall)
Study mode Full Time
Number of courses (Theoretical & Practical) 45
Credits on law courses 121
Credits on general education course 09

130 Credits


Credit Requirement for Bachelor of Laws Program

The students enrolled under Bachelor of Laws program will have to complete their studies within 4 (four) years of registration to obtain their degree. The minimum credit to be earned for the degree is 130 (one hundred and thirty) along with completion of all core courses. The minimum CGPA requirement is 2.5 to obtain the degree.

As per examination rules, course retake and improvement policies are applicable. Maximum two academic sessions are allowed for the completion of incomplete courses.


  1. Information of Master of Laws, LL.M. program

State University of Bangladesh (SUB) offers a general LL.M. degree, giving students an opportunity to gain legal acumen and expertise in important legal subjects and freedom to select their courses from rich curriculum of such subjects.

We believe that after completing this 1(one) year LL.M. Program, students will be able to contextualize complex legal issues, make in-depth analysis, undertake independent research and contribute to the legal profession and service with a much-developed intellectual ability. Department reviews its modules on a regular basis, in order to continue to offer innovative, up to date and exciting program.


Special Features

1. Highly qualified and experienced faculty members from the University of Dhaka and legal sectors.The state-of-the-art academic curricula engendering cutting edge skills for the legal sectors and other corporate jobs.

2. Regularly updating academic curricula to keep pace with ever-changing economic environment and growing regional and global needs.

3. Small class size to ensure personal care with a professional touch.

4. Classes held mostly on Friday and Saturday.


Program Objectives

(a) To make law graduates capable of undertaking independent research including for MPhil and PhD courses in any recognized university of the world.

(b) To enable students to deepen their knowledge in domestic, international and comparative laws in particular on contemporary and emerging issues.

(c) To offer a unique opportunity to study advanced legal theories and their application.

(d) To enhance legal expertise of the professionals in order to equip them better for their career advancement.

Program Summary

Program Duration 12 Months
Semester Duration 4 Months
No. of credit hours in each course 3
Course load per semester 4
Credit  load per semester 12
Total Credit 36


Admission Process

The university operates a round the year admission system divided into three semesters i.e. spring, summer and fall. The students are required to fulfill the university admission requirement in addition to the UGC guidelines. The admission forms and relevant information can be collected from the Admissions Office in the main building. Competed applications together with required documents should be submitted to the Admission Office as per deadlines. For convenience of the graduate students seeking admission in the master programs, the admission office is also open on Fridays and Saturdays besides the normal university working hours.

Credits Transfer 

Transfer of credits from institutions having equivalent curriculum, grading system and grading standard may be allowed for a maximum of 65 credits. The application for transfer of credits is considered by the University on a case-by-case basis.  

Admission Eligibility

For Students Under national curriculum:

Minimum CGPA 2.5 both in SSC & HSC or Equivalent.

For students from English medium curriculum:

O -Level : 5 courses with minimum CGPA 2.5 A -Level : 2 courses with minimum CGPA 2.5

Admission Eligibility


Dr. Asif Nazrul

Ph.D. (London), Post-doc (Bonn)

Advisor, Department of Law, SUB

Faculty Members

Ms. Nazia Rahman

MSS in Criminology and Criminal Justice LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M. (DU)

Assistant Professor & Head

Mr. Md. Asgar Ali (Retired District & Sessions Judge)

MSS in Criminology (DU); M.Sc. (RU); LL.B. (RU)

Associate Professor & Exam Controller

Ms. Jinat Amin Shipa

LL.B.(Hons.), LL.M.(DU)

Assistant Professor

Sazzad Alam

LL M( Macquarie University, Australia), MSS In Criminology (DU), LL.B. (Hon's.) BRAC University

Assistant Professor & Coordinator

Toki Ashraf

LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M. (International and Comparative Law), University of Dhaka


Cynthia Karim

LL.B. (Hons), LL.M. (International Human Rights Law) State University of Bangladesh


Muzahidul Islam

LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M., University of Dhaka


Suraya Ferdous

LL.B. ( Department of Law, University of Dhaka) LL.M.( International Law), Department of Law, University of Dhaka


Adjunct Faculty Members

Ms. Syeda Rizwana Hasan

Executive Director, BELA

Dr. S. M. Hassan Talukder

Professor, Department of Law, DU

Dr. Nakib Mohammad Nasrullah

Professor, Department of Law, DU

Quazi Mahfujul Hoque Supan

Associate Professor of Law, DU

Ms. Dalia Parvin

Associate Professor of Law, DU

K. M. Shazzad Mohashin

Charirman, Department of Law & Justice, JU

Mr. Md .Abu Sayeed

Assistant Professor of Law, JU

K.M. Shamsul Alam

District and Session judge, Cyber Tribunal.

Mr. Muhammed Ali Hossain

Additional District & Sessions Judge

Mr. Kesob Roy Chowdhury

Senior Assistant Judge

Mr. Shamsuddin Masum

Sr. Asst. Secretary, Law Commission-Bangladesh

Mr. Md. Shamim Sufi

Research & Reference Officer, Supreme Court, A.D.

Barrister Quazi Maruful Alam

Barrister at Law, Lincoln's Inn.

Md. Golam Rajib

Advocate, Supreme Court

Ms. Safi Us Safa

Advocate, Dhaka Judge Court

atikul islam

Metropolitan Magistrate

Snehadri Chakravarty

Advocate, Judges Court, Dhaka.

Research & Publications


Course  Code Course Title
1st Semester
SUB-599  Ethics & Aesthetics
COM-111 Computer Application
Law -100 Law of Contract -I
Law -110 Constitutional Law of Bangladesh


2nd Semester

ENG-111 Developing Basic English Skills
Law -105 Law of Tort
Law -115 Law of Contract -II
Law -140 Bangladesh Studies


3rd Semester

ENG-311 English for Professional Purpose
Law -130 Muslim Law –I
Law -135 Jurisprudence
Law- 260 Legal History & Legal system of Bangladesh


4th Semester

Law-200 Muslim Law-II
Law -215 Interpretation of Statute & General Clauses Act
Law -230 Law of Equity & Trust
Law -235 Hindu Law


5th Semester

Law-220 Law of Transfer of Property
Law -225 Law of Partnership, Sale & Carriage of Goods
Law -305 Labour Law & Industrial Law
Law -355 Land Law-I


6th Semester

Law -240 Criminology
Law -325 Law of Insurance & Negotiable Instrument
Law -255 Law of Registration & Public Demands Recovery
Law-360 Land Law -II
7th Semester
Law-245 Company Law
Law-250 Law of Taxation
Law -300 Criminal Law-I
Law-345 Law of Civil Procedure - I
8th Semester
Law-120 Alternative Dispute resolution
Law -330 Criminal Law-II
Law -350 Law of Specific Relief & Limitation
Law-405 Law of Civil Procedure – II
9th Semester
Law -315 Law of Criminal Procedure - I
Law-320 Law of Banking & Securities
Law-370 Cyber Law
Law-460 Law on Forensics and Scientific Evidence
10th Semester
Law -340 Law of Criminal Procedure - II
Law-400 Legal Drafting & Convincing-I (Criminal)
Law-410 Law of Evidence
11th Semester
Law-415 Legal Drafting & Convincing-I (Civil)
Law-420 International Human Rights Law
Law-450 Environment Law
12th Semester
Law -435 Advocacy  skills & Professional Purpose
Law -445 Intellectual Property Law
Law -455 Public International Law



 First Semester  Second Semester  Third and last Semester
Code  Course Title  Code  Course Title  Code  Course Title
LL.M.-505  International Trade Law LL.M.-605  Law of International Organizations LL.M.-635  International Environmental Law
LL.M.-510  Comparative Legal System LL.M.-610  Administrative Law LL.M.-705 Admiralty and Maritime Law
LL.M.-515  Comparative Constitutional Law LL.M.-615  Gender and Family Law LL.M.-710 Business Ethics and Consumer Protection Law
LL.M.-520  Law on Banking and Financial Institute LL.M.-620  Media and Information Technology Law LL.M.-715 Law on Refugees, Migrants and Statelessness
LL.M.-525  Law on Treaties LL.M.-625  Principles of Equity as Applied in Bangladesh LL.M.-720 Research Monograph
LL.M.-530  Principles of Civil Litigation LL.M.-630  International Humanitarian Law    
LL.M.-535  Comparative Human Rights        

For a full list of our services including support and consultancy for start-up businesses please see the Our Services section of the website. Alternatively if you have a specific service or question in mind please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this using the contact details on the Contact Us page of the site.

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For a full list of our services including support and consultancy for start-up businesses please see the Our Services section of the website. Alternatively if you have a specific service or question in mind please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this using the contact details on the Contact Us page of the site.

Notable Alumni

  Ms. Hashmi  Afroz First Batch Servicing in the position of Officer in The Standard Chartered Bank
  Mr. Mahamud Bin Alauddin Rimon 2nd. Batch Advocate Practicing in Judges’ Court, Dhaka
  Mr. Masbaur  Rrahman 3rd. Batch Advocate Practicing in Judges’ Court, Dhaka
  Mr. Tofayel Ahmed 3rd. Batch Advocate Practicing in Judges’ Court, Dhaka
  Mr. Nazmul Islam Mozumder 3rd. Batch Advocate Practicing in Judges’ Court, Dhaka
  Ms. Moussome Akter 5th. Batch Selected Preliminarily in Judicial Service Examination
  Mr. Niaj Mohammad Sharif Servicing in the Police Department in the position of a Sub-Inspector
  Mr. Md. Jakaria Habib Servicing as Officer in the City Bank
  Mr. Rownak Anowar Pahlowan 5th. Batch Practicing in Judge's Court, Dhaka
  Sabiha Kabir Jarin   Advocate (Dhaka Judge's Court)

Law Alumni List


Name: Jinat Amin
Designation: Department Chairperson
Contact no. +8801766663565   ------------------------------------ Name: Md. Abu Sayed Mian
Designation: Senior Executive
Contact no. +8801917179030, +880-2-58151781-5, 9128329, Ext: 121