Introduction to Career Development Center:

One of the main objective of University education in its early age was to create new knowledge and come up with innovative ideas through research and study. Accordingly, its activities, at that time, were mainly to do research and teaching. But now a days, the concept of a University has changed a lot due to social demand as well as to meet requirements of business and economic development. What’s more, one of the professional as well as ethical responsibilities of a modern University is to guide and advise students on how to develop their future career. In fact, Career Development Center (CDC) of State University of Bangladesh (SUB) has been trying to fulfill that responsibility by extending support to SUB students in the form of training, seminars, workshops, fests & exhibitions, conferences, counseling, grooming sessions etc.

In view of the above, the CDC of SUB has been trying to extend useful practical ideas, knowledge and skills to SUB students. Previously, the focus of CDC services was mainly focused to internship and job placements, believing the student’s main career target was service. But recently the Center has taken the initiative to develop its students as entrepreneurs as well. Accordingly, the Center has introduced various new training courses and other programs in the field of business and entrepreneurship also.

The CDC believes that the most effective tools in competing in the jobmarket are developing students with quality knowledge and skills, especially soft skills which highlight their other abilities and competencies. Therefore the Center is also working for soft skill development programs. Finally the Center is involved with research activities, public-private partnership, women development, international collaboration etc.

In all, the CDC is committed to helping with satisfying and profitable career for all SUB students either as job seekers or as entrepreneurs who will create jobs for others.


To deliver quality graduates for the job market as well as to promote entrepreneurs for the social and economic development of the country.


  1. Provide proper counseling and advise to SUB students so that they can find their best possible career with maximum satisfaction;
  2. Develop SUB students with proper skills (including soft skills) and knowledge so that they can compete in the job market with highest rate of success;
  3. Develop close and continuous contact relationships with the different government, non-government and international organizations with the aim of placing increasing number of SUB students in those organizations;
  4. Arranging internship opportunities for SUB students in large, modern and multifarious organizations at home and abroad;
  5. Prepare SUB students with updated and proper knowledge in IT, society, economy and the globe;
  6. Improve confidence level of SUB students through proper orientation and guidance to meet their career requirements with the aim to establish themselves in the society at a prestigious level.

Activities of CDC:

Keeping consistence with the aims and objectives of Career Development Center(CDC), it has the following regular activities as key components of its mission:

  1. Providing job placement services;
  2. Providing internship(local & international) placement support;
  3. Counseling for career planning and professional preparation;
  4. Conducting training on career related topics;
  5. Arranging job fair, exhibition and other career related events;
  6. Industry visit for career development;
  7. Arranging Lecture Series on Industry-Academia Linkage Development;
  8. Arranging preparatory sessions for interview;
  9. Career related research and publications;
  10. Organizing international conferences, seminars, summer programs etc;
  11. Job searching for creating opportunities for SUB students throughout the world by using own network and institutional support.

Some Unique Programs of CDC:

  1. Career Planning workshop;
  2. Career Grooming Training Course;
  3. Spot Recruitment Program with large local and international employers;
  4. BCS & Banking Preparatory Training Course;
  5. Video Resume Preparation;
  6. Lecture Series on Contemporary Social Issues;
  7. Entrepreneurship Support Services;
  8. Lecture series on Career Development etc.

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