Saimon Shahriar

M. Pharm. (DU)

Lecturer & Student Counselor

Mr. Saimon Shahriar completed his schooling from Ideal School and College securing the first position, and completed his HSC from the prestigious Notre Dame College exhibiting the same excellence in academics. In spite of, during admission tests, securing the 26 th position in BUET, the 1 st position in BUTEX and getting into Sir Salimullah Medical College, he chose Pharmacy through securing the 2 nd position at DU admission test to pursue his life-long dream of inventing a new drug. During his days as an undergrad student in the Department of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka, he demonstrated his leadership qualities by being the founding general secretary of Dhaka University Pharma Club (DUPC) and the founding president of the AAPS student chapter of University of Dhaka. He also received numerous honorable awards and scholarships throughout his student life including National Board Scholarship for HSC result in 2014, Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society Scholarship in 2017, Bangladesh American Pharmacists Association Scholarship in 2017, Champion- Intra-university Pharma Olympiad at the event of World Pharmacists Day held at DU in 2018, Champion- Intra-university Poster presentation competition on World Pharmacists Day in 2020, Champion (Gold)- Chemical Metrology Olympiad held at BCSIR organized by BRiCM in 2019. He completed his B. Pharm. (Professional) degree with an outstanding result of cGPA 3.98 out of 4.00. Alongside alluring academics, he has training experiences in the hospital field from Dhaka Medical College and Hospital for six months and industrial training from Square Pharmaceuticals Limited. He published a diverse number of research articles in various notable journals. His research interests include extraction, isolation and characterization of pharmacologically active compounds, synthesis and characterization of pharmacologically interesting compounds, pharmaceutical analysis of potential and existing drug compounds, molecular mechanism of drug activities and public health research. He also attended countless seminars and workshops which include a workshop on ‘EHS Compliance Management in Workplace’ organized by QHSE Solution BD in January 2019 and a poster presentation titled ‘Anxiolytic, Antidepressant and Thrombolytic Potential of Achyranthes aspera L. Aerial Parts: in-vivo, in-vitro and in-silico Techniques’ at the 7th Convention of Society for Ethnopharmacology, India and International Symposium on ‘Combating COVID-19- ethnopharmacology & Traditional Food and Medicine’ held at Institute of Bioscience and Sustainable development, Takyelpat, Imphal, Manipur, India during December 2020.


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Awards & Achievements

  1. Champion (Gold Winner) in Chemical Metrology Olympiad 2019 organized by Designated Reference Institute for Chemical Measurements (DRiCM), Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR)
  2. Winner (1st position) in Poster Presentation Competition, 10th World Pharmacists Day Celebration in 2020 organized by Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka
  3. Champion in Pharma Olympiad at Pharma Fest 2019 organized by North South University Pharmaceutical Club and Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, North South University
  4. Champion in Pharma Olympiad, 8th World Pharmacists Day Celebration in 2019 organized by Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka
  5. 1st Runner-up in Pharma Olympiad at Pharma Fiesta 2018 organized by Department of Pharmacy, University of Asia Pacific
  6. 2nd Runner-up in Poster Presentation Competition, 9th World Pharmacists Day Celebration in 2019 organized by Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka
  7. Founding General Secretary of Dhaka University Pharma Club (DUPC)
  8. Founding President of AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) University of Dhaka Student Chapter
And numerous achievements in local and national Olympiads and other competitions at college and school levels