Workshop on Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention

A workshop, organized by Moner Bondhuon and supported by the Department of Pharmacy, State University of Bangladesh, on mental health awareness and suicide prevention was held on 21st August 2022 at the Seminar Room on the own campus. Moner Bondhu is a mental healthcare and well-being platform aiming to unlock individuals’ potentialities and assist mentally in confronting personal challenges so that students have more productive, efficient, and peaceful lives.

Moner Bondhu provided counseling support to the students of the Pharmacy Department and shared their experiences with the students to prevent suicidal events. Prof. Dr. Kohinur Begum, Head of the Department, attended the workshop, delivered an insightful speech, and guided the students with mental and physical health tips. Faculty members of the Department and more than 120 students were present at the workshop. The workshop was coordinated by Mr. Tanoy Saha (Assistant professor and M. Pharm. co-ordinator) and Mehedi Islam (Lecturer). The workshop was energetic with questions-answers and discussions among the speakers, students, and faculty members on different aspects of mental and physical health.