Registrar Office

The Office of the Registrar places service to students and faculty first among its priorities as the Office’s primary constituency. As a service oriented office, in addition to providing efficient and immediate access to information, this office facilitates and coordinates activities of students and faculty pertaining to administrative matters. This office also assists academic units in ensuring compliance to University policies, registration, admissions  and procedures pertaining to the observance of the academic calendars, testing and grading practices, and recording of academic performance through publication of official memorandum and personal advisement.
Name Designation  Email Contact Number
Dr. Sajid Bin DOZA Registrar (Acting)  
Md. Nazrul Islam Deputy Registrar 09613782338 (PABX Ext-122)
Farhana Sharmin Deputy Registrar 09613782338 (PABX Ext-105)
Md. Mokbul Hossain Deputy Registrar  
Muhammad Khorshed Alam Assistant Registrar 09613782338 (PABX Ext-106)
Samia Nasim Ishtiaque Senior Executive 09613782338 (PABX Ext-122)
Most. Rafia Alam Senior Executive 09613782338 (PABX Ext-111)