The journal ‘REACH’ is published twice a year with peer reviewed research articles from academics within the university and outside. Articles can be submitted any time of the year.


‘BIJOY’ is the quarterly newsletter that reports on activities within the university in the main. National news of relevance to the academia are also covered in the newsletter


The Faculty Development Program (FDP) is held twice a month and attended by all faculty. The Departments take turn to discuss their research activity. The lively sessions at times lead to collaborative research between departments.


Held twice a month the seminar in mainly focused on recent developments in business as reported in journals such as HBR. A wider forum is involved to include management of Labaid group besides the university. Participation of speakers from industry and Dhaka University are key features of this discourse.


The Centre for Training and Development (CTD) run through collaboration between the University and the Labaid group trainings are held on a fortnightly basis to promote experiential learning. The sessions range in variety from daylong familiarization in areas such as Computer Literacy to structured courses as given at the universities. Certificate courses of longer duration are also held.


To make the university relevant to the needs of business and industry regular participative events are held, besides course requirement such as internship and industry visit etc, through workshops and festivals where speakers are invited from business and industry to speak on current practices in their organization and their experience in relation to performance of graduates. Their suggestions are subsequently incorporated in the academic programs.