Dr. Anis Alam Siddiqui

Ph.D(BAU),M.Sc.(UK), P.G.D.(USA), P.G.D.(Aus)

Dean (School of Science and Technology) Professor & Head

Prof. Dr. Anis Alam Siddiqui is head of the Department of Food Engineering & Technology. He has more than thirty years of teaching, research, administrative and industrial experience in Bangladesh Agricultural University, Planning Commission, Govt. of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation and renowned food industries. He obtained his M.Sc. in Food Technology from the University of Reading, UK in 1974 with Commonwealth scholarship. He obtained his anther M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Agricultural-Engineering & Food Technology from Agricultural University, Pakistan, he secured First Class First and obtained Gold Medal. He also obtained his post graduate diploma on Cereal Technology from USA and Baking Technology from Australia with US-Aid and Commonwealth scholarship respectively. He worked as consultant in ILO, UNDP, US-Aid, US Wheat Associate and also worked as Advisor in different food processing industries. He has several research publications in international and national research journals. He is a Life Member & President, Bangladesh Society of Food Engineers & Technologists and also life member in the Krishibeed Institute of Bangladesh and Executive Member of Centre of Excellence Agro Food Skills Foundation (CEAFS). Member, Industrial skill council of Agro – Food processing Industries, Government of Bangladesh & ILO, Cereal and Pulse Committee of BSTI and expert member of Bangladesh Food Safety Authority, Ministry of Food, Government of Bangladesh. Professor Siddiqui’s research interest are cereal technology, food laws, food safety and minimization post harvest losses.


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Accepted research papers: A. A. Siddiqui and M. A. Alim; “Design of HACCP Plan for Biscuit Industry Plant in Bangladesh.” Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Engineering, ISSN: 2373-4310, 2016.   Published Book:
  1. Cereal Technology & Engineering, Publisher: Angel Book Publishers Ltd.

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